Chareidim Blame Mayor Barkat for Increase in Secular Activism


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nb.jpgChareidi askanim are pointing a finger of blame for increased anti-chareidi activities in the capital on Mayor Nir Barkat.

The allegations come following a shabbos protest held by secularists, who gathered in Kikar Tzion to decry what they are calling increased “religious coercion” in the capital, blaming the chareidi community.

Rabbi Yosef Rosenfeld of the Vaad L’maan Shabbos told reporters that he blames the mayor, stating the incitement comes directly from City Hall. He explained it began last week with the Eida Chareidis protest outside Intel, when they say Hashem’s name written in paint on the street in the area.

Rabbi Rosenfeld feels the chilonim feel that they are supported by the mayor, explaining the chareidi protests are focused against chilul Shabbos and not against the general non-shomer shabbos community while the secularist protest on shabbos was directed against the entire chareidi community.

It appears that the chareidi leaders are not willing to accept this and a major pro-shabbos rally is planned in Yerushalayim in the coming days.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. He explained it began last week with the Eida Chareidis protest outside Intel, when they say Hashem’s name written in paint on the street in the area.


  2. Wow, the fact that they have been having riots in defense of a woman accused of starving her son, that they have had riots over the opening of a parking lot on Shabbos to keep cars that already drive into Yerushalayim from blocking the streets, the fact that they have riots over a business in an industrial zone has staff there on Shabbos, the fact that they spit or throw bleach on people who are not dressed as tznius as they feel they should be; of course that has nothing to do with it. It is the Mayor who gets people upset.

  3. I said it at election time – and I will say it again.
    Our Chareidim voted this beast in! They decided to punish Porush for his slights against them, and instead voted in a rabid Chareidi hater, who wants to secularize Yerushalayim.
    The Chareidim then said, “Don’t worry, he will not do anything against us”.
    Well, EAT YOUR WORDS! You clowns voted him in, now DO SOMETHING!
    Sinas Chinam brought us to this quandary!
    Ask your leaders what to do now!

  4. Most hilonim believe the major problem is Jerusalem (and Israel) is the presence of Hareidim (cf: the position of a majority of German voters in the 1930s who believe that the majob problem in Germany was the presence of Jews).

    Complaining about anti-Hareidi policies by Barkat is similar to those who supported Hitler in the German elections and then complained he was an anti-semite.

  5. The Chareidi population should look in the mirror before pointing fingers at Mayor Barkat. Is it possible, just possible, that the reason for increased secular activism is to counter increased Chareidi (particularly Eida HaChareidis) activism?

    an Israeli Yid


    Nir Barkat is no Charedi hater, beast or destroyer as #3 avowedly writes, he is a major quite a bit better than Olmert and Teddy who is trying to pave peaceful relations in the holy city. Charedim always conclude if people fight against the EDAH (whomever they may be or represent is the question of the day..)they must be TORAH HATERS, sinas chinom to the hundredth degree, huh!!!

  7. #4 It is comments like this -comparing yidden to nazis that brings out a negative response from both chilonim and frum Jews as well. Shmiras halashon should be observed

  8. Porush never had a chance.

    It’s sad that the brilliant and charismatic Lopoliansky was forced out by politics.

    Even the chillonim voted for him in droves. And he is so nice and charedi, and I mean very nice and very charedi!

  9. Mum she’becha… When the chareidim deal with all of their ills; which will not be very soon, they should then start accusing the so called chilonim for all the tzaros…
    until then, Moshiach will continue to wait by the gates of Yerushalaim