White House Chief of Staff Warns of Less US Involvement in Peace Efforts


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re.jpgGalei Tzahal (Army Radio) reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has warned that if progress is not made in diplomatic efforts between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority), the White House will adopt a less active role in the regional peace-making efforts.

According to the report, the White House is nearing its limits with the checkmate situation existing between Jerusalem and Ramallah. The report is based on remarks made by the senior White House official to Israel’s consul-general in Los Angeles, Jacob Dayan.

According to the information passed to the Foreign Ministry in Israel by Dayan, Israel is blamed for only adopting White House policy after months, usually too late while the PA never misses an opportunity [to sabotage diplomatic efforts] as well.

One can only question if the White House threat is perceived as that, or perhaps a blessing in disguise.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. That is a great idea! Anytime the U.S. got involved in the peace making process, it only means more concessions from the Israelis and more attacks from the Arabs.

  2. The US has been actively involved in seeking peace in the middle east for 65 years. Perhaps this might be a good time for the US to help someone else (preferably someone we dislike, it would be awful to wish the US help on a friend).

    An added complication, if the US loses interest in the middle east, perhaps the newest toy in Washington might be climate or health care or economy – so we’ll all end up frozen, sick and unemployed.

  3. Nice way for the White House to start 2010. The “Messiah” is finally considering doing something right; however, seeing is believing.

  4. Rahm and his brother; no matter what you do to gain favour in this administration’s eye they still hate you because of you being Jewish. The more you try the more they hate you and do you know why? I know it is hard for self loving personality but any Jew who turn against the Jewish brothers the goyim don;t TRUST. They have an intrinsic feeling that if you turn against your
    BROTHER for sure you will turn against them in the future. If you learn a little TORAH you might begin to see truth. Stop looking and kissing the mirror and look to who is running the world