Shas Joins the World Zionist Congress


Another Shas first, becoming the first chareidi members of the World Zionist Congress. WZO officials are confirming Shas entry into the organization will be approved in the near future. Chaggai Meirom, the WZO secretary and former Labor Party MK, explains Shas took major steps towards acceptance in the organization.

This includes amending Shas’ charter to include the “Jerusalem Plan”, acknowledging Zionism and the central role of Jerusalem and Israel to the Jewish People.

Meirom calls the move “historic”, the entry of a chareidi party to the Zionist body. Minister of Religious Services (Shas) Yaakov Margi, who spearheaded the move, explained that Shas has much to give to Diaspora Jewry and until now, this aspect of the party’s work has been sorely ignored.

Regarding the fact that Shas is a chareidi party, Margi explains, “There is no one who davens three times daily and is more a Zionist than Rav’ Ovadia Yosef. There is no contradiction between being a chareidi and a Zionist” he concluded.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I would suggest that there is indeed a contradiction between being a Chareidi (with a capital C) and a Zionist (with a capital Z). But once we move on to the small letters then, yes, a chareidi can be a zionist. We often paint ourselves into corners with all these groupings and sub-groupings that we’ve created for ourselves.

  2. Great idea it will benefit Jews living outside of Israel whrough educational grants, seminars and workshops. Kudos to Chacham Yosef who can see a global picture of klal yisroel.