Bezeq Announces Kosher Landline Phone Service


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Everyone wants a piece of the chareidi communications market, one that continues growing daily, including Bezeq, Israel’s primary landline phone service provider. The cellular telephone companies have all earned a share with their mehadrin services and now, Bezeq officials announce they worked in close cooperation with the Vaad Rabbonim for Communications, which has given its blessing and endorsement for the new kosher landline phone service, which of course blocks all unwanted data.

If one’s number today is 02-000-000, it will change to 02-800-000, with Bezeq officials explaining the kosher landlines will be identified by the ‘80’ at the beginning of a number.

Anyone interested in additional details or to subscribe may telephone 1-800-800-199.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)