UN Chief Calls ‘Jerusalem Settlements’ Illegal


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By now, it should be clear to Israeli leaders that no matter how much flexibility they exhibit in efforts to elicit the approval and support of the international community, Israel must place its faith regarding Yerushalayim [and the remainder of the country] in HaKadosh Baruch Hu, and this is once again abundantly clear by the statements heard around the world over the past day. Yes, we must do due diligence and we may not sit idly back and rely on miracles, but we must also openly declare out G-d given right to Yerushalayim and all of Eretz Yisrael, and  not hide behind excuses of security, demographics and other non-relevant realities.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon has joined in with the White House and the PA (Palestinian Authority), providing us with his view regarding planned construction of additional housing units in Ramat Shlomo. He explained “settlements are illegal under international law”.

It appears that the international community has indeed adopted the mantra of Israel’ radical left-wing and any areas of the country that it chooses not to recognize are labeled a “settlement”. On that same note, any area of Yerushalayim that it wishes not to place under Israeli sovereignty is referred to as “occupied East Jerusalem”, preferring to ignore the Jordanian occupation of areas from 1948-1967, and label Israel the “occupier”, not Jordan.

In fact, one cannot really blame the goyim, since the labels affixed to these areas are the result of tenacious efforts of Peace Now and its supporters in Israel and today, around the world. It is the likes of [former Meretz Party Minister of Education] Yossi Sarid who amend school text books to teach our young that Israel ousted Arabs from their homes and they are simply trying to exercise their right under international law, the so-called ‘right of return’.

As top man in the UN, Moon is actually filling his role in true fashion, opting to accept the anti-Israel position when one is available.

Today, 17 years after signing the Oslo Agreement on the White House lawn, the true intentions of the PA (Palestinian Authority) should be clear to all, the removal of the State of Israel which will be replaced by the State of Palestine. To date, Israeli leaders continue to seek approval from the White House, ignoring HaKadosh Baruch Hu, tragically missing the lessons when the opportunity arises for Kiddush Hashem, too often opting for the opposite.

Once again, it is clear that the White House, UN, European Union and Israeli left will remain opponents regarding an “undivided Jewish Jerusalem”, not to mention Yehuda, Shomron, Jordan Valley, Golan Height and other areas, and it is equally clear that yet another prime minister believes he can use his political and oratory skills to sidestep reality, buying time, seeking to complete his tenure in office by remaining overly ambiguous on key issues.

The Gentiles will compel Israel to make the choice, one that should have been announced decades ago, following the miracles’ of the June 1967 Six Day War, yet leader after leader, from the so-called right-wing and left-wing continue to ignore the writing on the wall, that the redemption will neither stem from the White House or UN Headquarters on NYC’s 42nd Street.

It was the right-wing government of Menachem Begin that gave away Yamit, the communities of Sinai, the right-wing government of Yitzchak Shamir that traveled to Madrid, bringing of the ‘Oslo process’, the right-wing government of Binyamin Netanyahu [first time around ten years ago] that handed Ir HaAvos, Chevron, to the PA (Palestinian Authority), and it a right-wing government , today’s administration, that already announced it is abandoning its resistance to the so-called two-state solution.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Under the goyim’s law they are. If you ignore Jewish history (and Torah), Israel’s sole claim is a dubious land grant from the United Nations, which never included any part of Jerusalem.

    Israel is based on goyim’s law. The Israeli ruling class wants to be goyim. The problem with playing with someone else’s ball, is that they get to make rules.

    It looks very weird to argue the Israeli claim based on Torah-based legal principles when Israel generally rejects Jewish law.

  2. re #2

    I believe that the UN recognizes land conquered in a war (kind of like America from the natives, Texas from the Mexicans etc. and 99% of all populated areas) I know its not politically correct nowadays, but that’s the way the world has always worked.

  3. For the record, UN Resolution 121 unanimously approved the admission of Japan into the United Nations. I think the relevance of that to this discussion is obvious to all.

  4. It is time to have a serious discussion of why so much of the CHAREIDI building takes place in disputed areas. Our gedolim of the past (Rav Shach, Rav Reuven etc..) found fault with the Zionists for ignoring world opinion while still in Galus. Yet today Charedim build in Kiryat Sefer, Beitar, Pisgat Ze’ev etc… It is shocking that it is Chareidim who have provoked world opinion with the announcement of new housing units in Ramat Shlomo. Why can’t the chareidi communities of Ofakim and Nitivot be expanded?

  5. Zionism is as confused as ever. As akuperma noted, and with all due respect to Mr. Spira’s editorial assertions, Israel, as a secular “nation among nations” does NOT have a “G-d given right to Yerushalayim and all of Eretz Yisrael”.

    In other words, the State of Israel is a mere political entity and has nothing to do with Hashem’s promises to His people nor any other part of the Torah pertaining to heritage of the holy land, including, “Vinishartem…bagoyim asher yinaheg eschem shamah”.

    Having said that, the UN (and the general media) definitely seems to have some irrational axe to grind when it comes to Israel.

  6. mosheemes2, if U.N. Resolution #121 approved the admission of Japan to the U.N., then the Declaration of Independence was written to declare independence from Colombian soveignity. You are suffering from historical revisionism too.

  7. Flatbush Bubby, this could have been settled by you using Google and realizing you’d made a mistake or by making a personal attack on me. The fact that I was right doesn’t make me feel a lot better about which one you chose.

    You were in fact (i think) referring to General Assembly Resolution 181, which also doesnt say what you think it says if you think it represents the world granting Israel sovereignty over Yerushalayim. (Please try reading it this time before responding, it will save both of us some time.)

    And yes, I know that Ban ki-Moon is Korean, but I’m not sure why you felt the need to tell me that.

  8. The fact that YW publishes this claim that we must declare our G-d-given rights to Jerusalem, while simultaneously maintaining that they are a Chareidi news site shows the total confusion and disarray of anti-Zionism today. Anti-Zionism is dead. Deep down we are all Zionists. Kudos to Yechiel Spera for coming right out and saying it, finally. Any true anti-Zionist would maintain that the Jews currently have no right to a State, much less to Yerushalayim, and that Medinas Yisroel should never have been founded in the first place. Now, even anti-Zionists are clamoring for more land.

    All that is left of ideological anti-Zionism is the obligatory burning of garbage cans every so often. In reality, we are all Zionists. The matter has been settled.

    Yasher Koach, Yechiel, may you go mchayil el chayil.

  9. #6 You quoted two Gedolim, which is a far cry from saying “The Gedolim”, as if they ‘all’ had agreed on this issue.

    Also did you know that the Arabs have no maps anywhere showing ‘any’ land as being Jewish or legally owned by Israel?

    They won’t even call the “Zionist Entity”, by it’s rightful name.

    So exactly what land would you have all Jews herded into, ghetto style, untill those areas, also become “disputed”?

    All, it takes to become ‘disputed’ is for someone to start disputing it.

    This works just like Holocaust revisionism.
    The revisionists say “The numbers don’t ad up.
    It can’t be 6 million but why argue?
    If it was 4 million that still would be tragedy and horrible thing”.

    Then if people would agree to reducing the number to 4 million, then the revisionists would do the same thing with the number 2 million and so on downward till they get to say 100 individuals, to which they will say “that’s not a holocaust, see it never happened”.

    It is the same thing with Jewish land, constantly dsiputing what Israel has a right to making it smaller and smaller till there is nothing left.

  10. #12 I quoted Rav Reuven Grovosky and Rav Shach. Rav Reuven was tasked by the gedolim of his time with forming the Agudah view towards Zionism. His views are ellucidated in his sefer Bayos Hazman. Rav Shach was the founder and guiding light of Degel Hatorah. These are the only two Ashkenazi Chareidi parties. So yes, this IS the view of mainstream Geolei Yisroel. (I also wrote etc.. meaning that Rav shach and Rav Reuvain are only some of many more Gedolim who held that way.)
    Furthermore when I said “disputed areas” I meant on the other side of the Green Line. Not every area of Israel is disputed. And nor does onenhave to live in a ghetto. And what this has to do with Holocaust revisionism is really beyond me. What is clear is that building over the 1967 green line is unacceptable according to the International community. So my question remains why are Chareidim building there communites of Kiryat Sefer, Beitar, Brachfeld etc.. on the other side of the Greenline in the first place? Why are we provoking the nations of the world? Why can’t we build in Ofakim and Tifrach?

    #11 has a point our anti-Zionist Hashkafah is in total disaray. It is time for a frank Hashkafic discussion of the matters at hand.

  11. #10, I did google and what I got is U.N. Resolution #121,the U.N. giving recognition to the formation of the Jewish State of Israel. So, I thank-you again for your historical revisionism.

  12. #13 I am quite certain that the Lubavitcher Rebbe had the opposite view and equally sure he was not the only one.

    So what will happen when the UN then decides the green line is too much and they pass a bunch of resolutions demanding that Israel be decreased in size to include Haifa and declare the rest to be Arab land “stolen by the Jews, and now rightfully returned”?

    And if you did not understand my analogy I think you should read the comparison again because I think it is quite clear and self explanatory.

  13. Flatbush Bubby,
    My orginal response seems to have been rejected by the moderators, so I’ll try to keep this simple:

    UN Resolution 121 is what I said it was (It admits Japan into the UN). The resolution you are talking about is General Assembly Resolution 181, supporting the Partition Plan for Palestine, and if you’d read that resolution, you’d know that it doesn’t help your argument that Akuperma is a historical revisionist (In short, it called for Jerusalem to be internationalized). If you disagree with any of those statements, let me know, but please do so without the name calling. Thanks