Chacham Ovadia: Nothing Changed On Phrohibition Of Visiting Har Habayis


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Minister of Housing (Shas) Ariel Atias spoke with Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Monday afternoon, confirming that  following shachris in Maran R’ Ovadia Yosef’s home, the Rav reminded [party leader Minister of the Interior] R’ Eli Yishai that the ban on visiting Har HaBayis remains in effect, apparently commenting due to the increased media coverage surrounding the Holy Site.

Atias reminded listeners that the Rav’s position is well-known, that Israel mustn’t inflame the nations of the world and it is prohibited to engage in activities that we know will perceived as such by the Gentiles.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. If “the Rav’s position is well-known, that Israel mustn’t inflame the nations of the world and it is prohibited to engage in activities that we know will perceived as such by the Gentiles.” then why did the Shas led Interior Ministry announce the Ramat Shlomo housing project approval while VP Biden was in Israel? That announcement was sure to inflame the Americans.

  2. #1, while you make a good point, the reality is that Israel, on a case by case basis, should not have to walk on eggshells. The world has a lunatic in Iran openly spouting destruction and the White House is silent and reluctant to act, even withdrawing from from imposing sanctions.

    Israel announcing approval of new construction in Israel is anybody else’s business????

    The world leaders are all insane and we should take this as a sign to tighten the straps on our closeness to Hashem and use our wisdom to know when to be quiet, as that, too, can appear like weakness and bring about action from enemies, and when to move ahead.

    Life on earth is tricky business now.

  3. Halachah prevents us from setting foot on the Har HaBayis (Temple Mount). As proclaimed by over 50 Poskim (including HaRav Ovadia Yosef SHLIT”A)in an HoDaah VeAzhara document after the Six-Day War (in 1967) (last page)

    and many times previously by other Gedolim, Jews cannot set foot on our holiest place because — in the absence of a Parah Adumah (Red Cow) to purify us — we are all Safek Tmeiei Meis. Granted that there are a few dissenters, but nearly all the Rabbanim (including HaRav Elyashiv SHLIT”A, HaRav Kanievski SHLIT”A, the Rabbanim HaRashiim SHLIT”A, and numerous other Rabbanim) agree that this Safek coupled with the Safek regarding the Makom HaMikdash and the punishment of Kares (premature death) R”L have caused them to prohibit entry to the Har HaBayis.

  4. Avraham: I appreciate your accurate statement of the halacha. I have often wondered what would have happened, though, if Moshe Dayan had not let the Moslems control of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. At the time, many Jews considered the reunification of Jerusalem to be an omen of the coming of the Moshiach. I can easily imagine that continued Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount would have caused some to demand demolition of the mosques and the beginning of construction work on a third Beis HaMikdash. I can also imagine that modern Jews would have yelled that even the thought of building new Temple was unthinkable because it would lead to “barbaric” ritual slaughter of animals. Then there would be the inevitable debate among rabbis as to whether any prepatory work on the Har Habayis could begin before the Moshiach actually revealed himself. Oy! How we might be divided. But then I think, will it be any different in the y’mos HaMoshiach? According to Hazal, only a relatively small remnant are destined to survive the milchoma that will be part of that, perhaps because they hesitated in choosing the right side. An interesting, and perplexing thought. I am not sure whether Moshe Dayan did the right thing by postponing that debate. I am inclined to conclude that had it been time for the Days of the Moshiach, even Moshe Dayan would have known.

  5. #4 “accurate statement of the halacha”


    Im surprised at you – don’t you know that Rabbi Moshe Feinstein said that there are places on Har Habayit that one is permitted to go up on?

    Indeed one does NOT NEED the Parah Adumah to ascend the Har Habayit.


    Additionally the reaon given in this article: “Israel mustn’t inflame the nations” should be enough for the discening person to realize that there is no real prohibition…otherwise such a reason would not be given.