More on Israel Duty Free – El Al Sold Its Chametz


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According to El Al’s Rav Hayut, even the duty free at Ben-Gurion International Airport which sold its chametz continued selling chametz during Pesach, transgressing the sale.

The rav points out however that El Al’s chametz was sold in strictest adherence to halacha, sold to a non-Jew by Rav Wosner, and it was under lock and key, stored away during yomtov in compliance with halacha. He recommends buying duty free items on board El Al flights to avoid problems.

(Jerusalem Kosher News)


  1. something is fishy with this story… I mean it couldn’t have been under lock and key if they were selling it during Pesach… ok just another machloichus

  2. Anyone know of a passenger during Chol HaMoed? I’d like to find out if ElAl was selling duty free then.
    I’m sorry, Elchanan Chayut is a nice guy – but he works for the airline. No ne’emanis.

  3. The duty free at BG airport is no bargain in any event. I checked the prices on my favorite Scotch whiskey and found that it was cheaper here in Baltimore than at the Duty-Free in Tel Aviv.