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NIS 5,000 Daily Chinuch Atzmai Fine Begins Today

The NIS 5,000 daily fine imposed on Chinuch Atzmai by the High Court of Justice in the Emanuel Beis Yaakov segregation case begins today, Sunday, April 18, 2010.

After the court handed down the decision, Chinuch Atzmai officials in Eretz Yisrael consulted with legal experts and Gedolei Torah Shlita, as well as enlisting Gedolei Torah Shlita in the United States, well-aware of the ramifications of the harsh court decision, decrying the secular court’s brazen involvement in chareidi chinuch.

Rabbonim in Emanuel reported that they have never acted on their own, but are simply adhering to instructions from gedolei yisrael, adding the reports of discrimination are simply untrue.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Acahi v’rayai,
    Once again we see how far they will go in their efforts to uproot Torah even as so many of their own show growing dissatisfaction with the misleading education and indoctrination their government has provided. Look at the Shuvu and Chinuch Atzmai school
    s springing with overflow success in neighborhoods throughout the country. Look at Lev L’Achim. They are all thirsty and their leaders are placing a siege on the water supply. We see the words of CHaZa”L staring us in the face – that before Moshiach come the enemy will rise up from amongst our own people, R”L. Let’s take note and pray the spiritual holocaust will end. Are we any better denying its existence than the past (and present) generation were denying the previous one? Let’s all have extra kavana in the berachah of hashiveinu Avinu l’Sorasecha and iy”H we will see yeshuos bimheirah.

  2. To those that do not live here in Israel, there is a lot of discrimination in a lot of “charedim” schools, if a fact, for #1 it has nothing to do with the Medina, you need to learn the laws of lashon haRa, calling all of us that live here “reshaim”. Here, where I live, there was a case where a half-sefardic kid was no allowed to enter an ashkenazi school because the mother was from Morrocco and the father was ashkenazi, that was a big balagan. I, myself witnessed a lot of name calling against the sefaradim from “chasidic-charedi” ashkenazim.

  3. Racist feelings among ashkenazim towards sephradim are rampart in Eretz Yisrael. The korbanos of young bnei torah who are sephardim is huge and on the shoulders of many yeshivas.

    If this issue is not somewhat solved, the costs to Chinuch Atzmai will be huge and unfair. Other parents who have suffered under the same discrimination will take their cases to the courts also. The givat shaul beis yakov had a similiar lawsuit two years ago and it was positively concluded. The aida Hamizrach is tired of being second class citizens in the Charedei world.

  4. it hurts to say this, but they should be fined out of existance, if & when they are caught discriminating against other Yidden based solely on upshtaming (where they come from) & yes it does happen all too often both in Artzeinu Hak’doishah & here in America. Not once when I worked to place kids in schools be they Sefardim Taimonim Chassidish or children of Heimishe Baalei T’shuvah with very FRUM homes have I run up against this issue & sometimes have had to sign them up as my kids (with the Moiseds consent). It all started as a political move approximatly 25 years ago, when Shas broke off from Degel when all the Sfardishe kids were thrown out from the Degel affiliated Moisdois< also a few years ago well over 500 Sfardim & Taimoni kids were thrown out suddenly by Litvishe affiliated Moisdois. I remember last year when a couple of people that run some Moisdois in Tz'fas who came to collect here in America & when they needed a place to stay where they can come & go as they please & where they would feel Heimish & comfortable, someone sent them to me, & I brought up this issue the second time around (they came back), after they admitted that they do practice this form of Yiddisheh Sin'as Chinum & actually tried to make me see it there way, I kept them up the rest of the night explaining how wrong they are, & even told them that if they dont stop, they wont be able to come back to my house, since I cannot condone such actions. Even when in school they are sometimes degraded. A few years ago, a Taimoni kid from BP who attended one of the large Yeshivos in Flatbush was repeatedly called a niger in class & tried to excuse himself to me by saying that it's true. I also just got word 2 weeks ago, that a big Yeshivah in Flatbush that has never discriminated against anyone is planning not to take the Sfardi Taimoni kids back, i am not saying which one yet since I have not spoken to them myself & am not 100% sure about it & maybe it can still be reversed. G'doilei Yisroel that condone this kind of Sin'as Chinum are not G'doilim V'asidin Litein Es Hadin, this is what's keeping Moshiach away. V'oiy Lonoo Miyoim Hadin Umiyoim Hatoicheicho

  5. I live in Emanuel.

    Please read my comments on this topic in the previous articles here on YWN.

    I hear you when you say there is discrimmination in other places. These issues must be brought up in a case by case basis and dealt with individually. Sometimes, the families in question may need to make some changes in order to be accepted into the school that they want, I have seen that happen. This way, the school retains its standards and the families who want to be accepted have a chance to grow into those standards.

    There is a serious problem of overcrowding in religious schools. This is part of the reason why some people do not get accepted. New schools are starting all the time to fix this problem – and some of those schools are better that than the “IN” schools because everyone is working harder. In a few years the new schools are the “IN” schools.

    I know of some boys who were thrown out of yeshivos because of their misbehavior, not because of their heritage.

    Please read my previous comments. Discrimination in some places does not mean that there is discrimmination in all places. It would be just as wrong to vent your frustration on the new Chasidi school in Emanuel because of what (perhaps) happens in Flatbush as any discrimmination itself! In fact, because of its small size, Emanuel has been a good place for those who wish to grow in a Chassidic path, and that holds true, again, for the religious from birth, the newly religious, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, blended (there are lots of those), etc.

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