Iran: Holding Nothing Back


The Iranian’s brazen defiance of world dictate may only be surpassed by Tehran’s insolence, an in-your-face attitude that is perhaps unsurpassed in the international diplomatic arena.

In the latest episode of Iranian style diplomacy, the nation’s former ambassador to Damascus, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, stated US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “is not too intelligence” regarding her recent comments confirming Israel’s accusations that Syria, with the assistance of Iran, has been sending Scud missiles to Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. In his reference to Clinton, al-Islam stated “she is like a parrot” who basically repeats the statements released by Israel’s President Shimon Peres, adding she most likely has never seen a Scud missile and is therefore unaware how it looks.

In an official statement, Iran’s Embassy in Tehran released a formal statement calling Clinton’s remarks “baseless”. The Arab media also carried the former ambassador’s statement against Clinton.

Referring to Mr. Peres as the “president of the Zionist entity, al-Islam accuses him of releasing the baseless statements, adding those people with less intelligence, such as Secretary Clinton, continue to repeat them. He went on with his attack against the secretary, stating “this woman” does not understand the nature of the border realities between Syria and Lebanon, or a Scud, or the nature of the Lebanese mountainous terrain in which Hizbullah operates.

Al-Islam explained the Scuds are outdated, decades old, requiring a tractor-trailer bed to transport them so they cannot be hidden or navigate the complicate mountainous terrain as Peres accuses. He adds that the outdated missiles simply do not fit the needs of Hizbullah in its ongoing conflict with Israel.

In the unprecedented attack against the secretary, he added “it appears the American military man lack the courage to come out and say what they know…and the United States calls herself a superpower, simply frightening”.

Al-Islam’s statements coincide with the arrival in New York City of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is attending the United Nations Nuclear Proliferation Treaty conference.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. As long as Obama is publicly humiliating the Israelis and refuses to give assistance to Israel in case they decide to do a pre-emptive strike, then Iran is free to do and say as it pleases including to be the world’s biggest bully.

  2. The Iranians know they have nothing behind their words – no missiles, no nukes, no helicopters (most of the stuff in their recent military parade were mock-ups) – so they just shriek louder.

  3. i have come to the conclusion that it is better to deal with Iran then the united states. Iran at least tells you there intension’s weather you like or not which we all don’t like and we all know what has to be done.
    with the united states everyday they say something else by someone else and you don’t know who to beleave , so you really don’t know were you are standing.