Israel: US dollar hits a seven year low


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money.jpgThe dollar dropped down to a seven-year low on Thursday afternoon, with the rate dropping to 4.005. Later in the day, the rate rose a bit, ending at 4.015, but still the lowest rate in more than six and a half years.


  1. The Dollar is in the toilet, unfortunately. One British Pound is now worth two dollars. The Canadian Dollar will, before you know it, probably exceed the American dollar. I remember the days of the 33% discount in Canada due to the exchange rate. Now…

    Hashem Yishmor!

    BTW, why is this item filed under Israel news?

  2. You guys are funny: Why should the TA stock exchange go down in sympathy with the USD? The TA stocks have do to with the value of companies located in Israel, and they seem to be doing very well.

    “BTW, why is this item filed under Israel news?”

    Duh…. He was comparing the $ to the Israeli shekel, do you read the article?

  3. Arghhh !!! I never though the day would come where I would ask my boss to pay me in shekels and not in dollars. On the other hand this is great news for the Israeli economy.