Chacham Ovadia Calls For Release of Jewish Prisoners


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ovadia.jpgLast evening, Chacham Ovadia Yosef Shlita met with family members of Jewish prisoners who are convicted of attacking Arabs; according to a report by Arutz 7. At the meeting, which took place in Chacham Ovadia’s residence, he called on the Israeli government to release the prisoners. Many people have been pressuring PM Olmert to release Jewish prisoners – just as he has agreed to the release of hundreds of terrorists, as a “gesture” to Fatah. Chacham Ovadia also gave the falimes much needed Chizuk to continue in their hardships.


  1. If Israel would have had Courts and Judges of TRUE JUSTICE, many – if not most – of the Jews in Israeli prisons would not have been imprisoned in the first place.
    But since these courts, including the official “High” Court of Injustice – known as the most morally corrupt court – are behind these prisoners, don’t hold your breath. I doubt if even 1 Jewish prisoner would be released, especially, if a Charedi Rabbi requests it. After all, Religious Jews are not Arabs and there’s no need for “goodwill gestures”.