Likovid Purim: cRc Approved Liquor List


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Attached is an extensive and detailed list of alcoholic beverages, which can be used as a guide when purchasing alcoholic drinks for Purim and any other time. The list is the most recent listings available as of this time, and was complied by the cRc of Chicago.

The cRc does not in anyway encourage, or discourage drinking these beverages. This is simply a guide as to their findings into what the Kashruth status is of the many drinks which people buy.

To read the list, please click HERE.

Wishing all a Freilichen and a safe Purim.



  1. The CRC in Chicago is great. They do fantastic work for klal yisroel in the entire world. I am proud to be in the same city.

  2. There is one question i have which i have yet to get an answer to. the halacha is chametz sheuvar pesach is only assar if know know that it is, but there is no need to be mevarer if something is or isnt, once you know its assur but if you dont know its 100% muttur and there is no chiyuv for me to verify so what is the crc gaining by publishing a whiskey list it seems to me that they are not helping me, before i didnt know what was chumetz sheuvar so i was fine i could drink what ever i want now that they were mavarer they just went and assured stuff on me. Am i missing something?

  3. all the poskim ive spoken with allow scotch that is finished in sherry or port casks as permitted by the gemarah, the shulchun aruch, the yad hachuzukuh, all the way down to rav moishe feinstein.

    i am surprised sometimes by how such a normal hashguchu like the crc take such weird positions when it comes to scotch.