Number of Kosher Establishments in US May Reach 20,000; New York at Nearly 4,000


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The U.S. is by far the largest market for kosher, according to a recent survey conducted by KosherToday. As many as 20,000 establishments are involved in some way in the manufacture, processing, and wholesale and retail sales of kosher foods.

In New York, according to figures released by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, the number is approximately 3,700 with some estimates that it is as high as 4,000. Remarkably, the number of New York establishments involved in kosher was estimated at 1500 in 1990.

Out of some 34,000 supermarkets in the US, at least 10% are said to devote some space to kosher. But when one factors in manufacturing plants, ballparks, gas stations, nursing homes, prisons, schools and catering establishments, the number rises dramatically. Despite being the center of kosher, New York is not necessarily the hub of kosher manufacture. A significant number of food manufacturers are located in the Midwest and Southwest.

(Source: KosherToday)