Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested Near Lincoln Tunnel


nypdn1One of the two suspects wanted for the string of Midtown bank robberies was arrested at the Lincoln Tunnel by NYPD, Port Authority and Amtrak Police.

He was hoping for freedom in New Jersey, but the 21-year-old suspect wound up right back at Midtown South Thursday night.

His arrest was captured exclusively by Eyewitness News.

Officers from the NYPD, Amtrak, and the Port Authority joined together to stop the accused bank robber from getting out of town.

“It’s all about timing, right time, right place,” said Josh Marlaveld, Port Authority Police.

Port Authority Officer Josh Marlaveld was in his dress blues and heading home from a recruitment event when he heard about the dramatic scene on the 33rd Street approach to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Earlier, police say the suspect and an accomplice carried out a daring robbery spree across Midtown, Manhattan; hitting bank after bank, at least five in all, before trying to flee by car.

The suspects hit a Capital One Bank at 1745 Broadway, the Amalgamated Bank also located at 1745 Broadway, the Capitol One Bank at 1001 6th Avenue, the Bank of America at 1293 Broadway, and Investors Bank at 267 5th Avenue.

Everyone hates outbound tunnel traffic and frankly, police say this guy is no different.

He drove around traffic on 31st Street, crashed his car on the sidewalk, and then led cops on a wild foot chase, right toward the tunnel.

“Get down on the ground, get down on the ground. Guy’s not complying,” you could hear the officers say.

But he was so desperate to get to New Jersey he even ignored Marlaveld’s commands to stop his trek to the tunnel.

Eventually an NYPD lieutenant tackled him from behind, and took him down, with ink stains on his ears and cheek from a dye pack he’d unwittingly grabbed from one of the banks.

“It’s just great police work. It’s all about timing. Myself, the Amtrak, NYPD, everybody did a great job and got a bad guy off the street,” Marlaveld said.

But his accused partner did get away and police want your help finding 47-year-old Frank Mione. Police say he was the getaway driver, though his plan hit a bit of a snag.

(Source: WABC)