As Chanuka approaches each year, parents scramble around searching for the perfect gifts for their childrens’ teachers. While they want to show their appreciation to the teachers, it can be difficult to find the perfect thing. They want something appropriate and nice, and also not too expensive as it can get very pricey when you’re buying gifts for lots of teachers (& sometimes therapists too!). In an attempt to make things easier on parents, Yarmulkesandbows.com has created a bulk buy section (for when you order 8 gifts or more), with a beautiful selection of personalized gifts that are perfect for teachers at amazing discounted prices. The gifts come individually wrapped (all the works is done for you!) & personalized for each teacher. The gifts can be conveniently ordered at any time of day or night online, (yarmulkesandbows.com) and ship anywhere in U.S. for the very low flat rate of $2.50 (for entire order!). To cross this chore off your list in no time, visit yarmulkesandbows.com now! Have a very happy Chanuka!