BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Rochel Auerbach, mother of 6


“Soon, I’ll be back to myself. Soon I’ll cook you your favorite food again.”

These are the promises a sick mother tells her children. For them, and for herself.

For Rochel Auerbach, it was a two year-long battle with cancer that left her and her family clinging to hope for a better future. Through painful treatments and procedures, they fought to make it to the other side. Any money they had quickly went toward hospital bills, until they were not only broke, but in tremendous debt. Their world stood still, as they waited for the day this would all be over.

However just over a week ago, Rochel passed away. She left behind six children, and a widower. Torn apart by debt, wracked by grief: they are living the aftermath of cancer.

Video footage shows the tremendous strength of three of the children. “We’re here together and we believe that Gd doesn’t send us a challenge that we can’t handle, so Gd willing we will be okay. But we need help,” daughter Brachie says through her tears, “I am asking. I am begging you — Please help us to continue our lives as much as we can, that we can able to stand up and get back to our lives.”

An emergency fund has been started with the goal of helping the Auerbach family return to their lives without debt, and with food and clothing.

Son Moshe Chaim, 22, is getting married next week. It is unimaginable how the family will manage to smile during the simcha. They should be blessed with siyata d’shmaya during this horrific time.