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Oorah Auction 2018!

How far will $5 take you? Spoiler alert- not very far! But, there is a way to stretch your $5, and that’s by entering the Oorah Auction!

This year’s Auction is the best yet, with the most valuable and awesome prizes ever. And of course, it’s only $5 a prize. Win trips to Eretz Yisroel, lots of cash, a shaitel, or maybe even an elephant. Or a car, shopping spree, and Amex gift card. Oh, and did we say it’s just $5 a prize?  There are so many fantastic prizes, something for everyone! Get the most bang for your buck by entering the Oorah Auction.

Lookout for the Auction book in your mailbox if you haven’t gotten it already. Visit to enter.

Remember, it’s only $5 a prize!

 Be smart and enter the Oorah Auction today.

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