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Yad Batya L’Kallah will be hosting their 30th annual benefit auction on Tuesday February 20th at the Kingsway Jewish Center, with a Five Towns event scheduled for Thursday February 15th.
This magnanimous organization, founded in memory of Batya Zakheim A”H, elevates the neshamos of needy brides, whose despair is quickly turned into sparks of hope. Pots and pans, China and silverware, linen and down quilts are just some of the items provided in beautiful packages discretely delivered to those in need. The organization ensures that all funds go directly to the cause, with no paid employees, overhead or expenses. Every volunteer that works for YBLK immerses themselves in the gift of giving- and ultimately reaps the rewards of this unique chesed.
YBLK serves kallahs in communities all across the United States, Canada, South America, and Yerushalayim, with over 19,000 kallahs provided for, up to today.

The Five Towns event and auction viewing will take place at the home of David and Bilhah Moradi, 72 Muriel Avenue in Lawrence, presenting Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi.

The main event and auction drawing, will take place on February 20th, with two fabulous Grand Prizes- $10,000 and 6 Tickets to Israel! The evening will be catered by BK Events and will feature a host of culinary delicacies, free gifts, 60 fabulous prizes and the inspiring words of Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan. It’s an event you most definitely won’t want to miss.
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