Man Hanging Between Life & Death


A talmid chacham living in Israel is reportedly in a serious crisis, which has the potential to lead to death. Though his name cannot be revealed, he has been personally vouched for by none other than Rav Chaim Kanievsky himself.


Rav Kanievsky released a handwritten note [see below] to the public this week, describing the anonymous man as a “talmid chacham” and “yireh shomayim.” The note makes clear that this is a situation of absolute pikuach nefesh, and the Rav has personally requested that Kupat Ha’Ir open a fund to save his life.


Those who give to the fund to save the man’s life will receive Rav Kanievsky’s “promise” to, b’ezrat Hashem, have hatzlocha in all of their dealings. There is also an option to add a donor’s name to the Rav’s davening list for lighting time this week, which marks the end of the powerful period of “Shovavim.”


Those interested in receiving a bracha for hatzlocha, and responding to Rav Chaim’s personal request to save the life of a talmid chachim, can click here.