Jerusalem Estates Recruits Some Of The World’s Leading Professionals As The Luxury Development Comes Into Full View


The distinction between Jerusalem Estates and other developments in Yerushalayim is coming into full view as the luxury project continues to rise at a rapid pace. Photographs taken from one of the three towering cranes on the site reveal the spectacular reality of the progress on the ground. One distinguishing factor is the involvement of some of the most qualified professionals in the world who were engaged in almost every aspect of the development.

The facades of the buildings are interwoven with unique Jerusalem stone, and the artistic components are made by some of the best construction artists in their respective fields in Israel. The interior design elements, like the exterior specifications, come from the finest suppliers of materials in the country. The high-class luxury kitchens, the flooring and their treatment reflect the luxury and splendor of the design as do the aluminum windows with the charming wood that envelops them, creating a magnificent harmony that connects with the historical artistic concept.

Good planning needs perfect execution

A well-known rule in the construction world: No less important than planning is execution. From the very first moment of the planning, the developers of Jerusalem Estates set extremely high standards for every supplier of materials and professional who will be part of the luxury project. Peretz Blau, who represents the developers, said that this process “is no different from a private person who designs and builds his dream home.” Mr. Blau explains: “Such a person runs around the store, checking every possible catalog and frequently even flies abroad in search of specific materials, special hardware and the precise rough stone.” He notes that the developers went through a similar research process, ultimately settling on the top-notch suppliers who could fulfill their specifications.

Yaakov Murdoch of Ganei Yerushalayim provides the project with the best Jerusalem stone in Israel, including all types of stone details in special arrangements. For the past 30 years, his company has been involved in some of the largest and most complex stone projects in the world, including the Plaza Hotel in New York, the InterContinental Hotel in Chicago, the Kfar David neighborhood in Jerusalem, the Mamilla commercial center, the Chords Bridge and the Jerusalem light rail project. It is only natural that Mr. Murdoch utilizes the highest quality stone materials in Jerusalem Estates, the city’s flagship project. It includes a whole array of arches, decorative cornices and various other specialty designs that ultimately define the buildings. Says Mr. Murdoch: “We will introduce to this project some of the most exquisite designs that we used in luxury projects in Yerushalayim and around the world: arches, cornices, and unique nostalgic and modern applications to the ancient Jerusalem stone.”

Another world class participant in the Jerusalem Estates project are the Lehrer Brothers of Steel Sagador who were also involved in numerous unique luxury projects around the world. Their roster of clients ranges from the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, villas and luxury private homes, to the restoration of the Churva Synagogue and the adjacent new wall partition. Said Mr. Lehrer: “The connection with Jerusalem Estates began when the developers approached us to do the work in the compound. We were frankly surprised as we only work on the most prestigious and expensive projects. However, after we became familiar with the scope of the project, we realized that the developers were going to going to deliver to the tenants the highest level of perfection.”

Mendy and Yosi Lehrer who only become involved in the most luxurious project expressed surprise when they received the call from Jerusalem Estates. Says Yosi Lehrer: “The developers requested very high-quality metal works, including the handrails and balconies. We recruited the best professionals in Israel to reach this high level of quality, including the painting (two layers of color), and the spraying of steel grains on the materials to make it extremely beautiful. Jerusalem Estates customers will feel that they received the highest level possible to reach.”

For more information about Jerusalem Estates, please contact: Sales Office, 16 King David St. Jerusalem 94101, Tel. 972-2- 502-5502 | USA 718-564- 6656 Fax. 972-2- 532-3532

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  1. Yerushalayim needs affordable housing for the citizens living here, not luxury pie-in-the-sky fancy apartments for people who come only a few weeks out of the year.