Woman’s Chilling Account of Shabbos Robbery


A recent Friday night robbery sent shockwaves through the Beit Shemesh community, causing many to re-assess the security of their homes. Leah Gelbstein, mother of 9, recounts chilling details:


“We were out on Friday night celebrating the shabbat chattan. When we got back, the door was wide open. Our things were strewn everywhere, shattered glass covered the floor. All of our valuables were missing. The little ones began to cry. I ran to our room and my worst fears were confirmed: they had stolen a large sum of money, borrowed to pay for the wedding.”


Leah and husband Chaim are reportedly teachers who work long hours in order to support the 8 children who now remain at home. The youngest is just two years old. Though the couple were able to borrow funds in order to go through with the wedding, it cast a shadow of sadness over the event:


“Just a few days later, we married off Tzvi with tears in our eyes. Our simcha was overshadowed by our new crippling debt and fear for the future.”


Their modest teaching salaries are reportedly far from absolving their now crippling debt. Basic bills have begun to mount as well.


“As a mother,” reads emergency fund text, “knowing that I can’t afford to feed and clothe my kids … is killing me.”


The family’s need has become so extreme that Beit Shemesh rabbanim, including the well-known Rachmastrivke Rebbe, have issued a statement on their behalf.


Donations are being accepted here, with the hopes of providing some financial stability for the traumatized Gelbstein children.