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Have you always dreamed of moving to an, “Out of town,” community? Do you want to make a difference in a place where every Jew counts? Norfolk, VA may be the place for you. Norfolk is home to an open, warm and amazing community of people based in Bnai Israel Congregation. Led by Rabbi Sender Haber, Bnai Israel is the hub of our community. Not only is the shul thriving with new, young families moving to town on a regular basis, but there is an amazing Torah school with over 100 children, a boy’s yeshiva, girl’s high school, Vaad Hakashrus, eruv, Kollel, kosher restaurant, and much more.

   Many out-of-town communities want new families to move in, but few can back up their claims with action. Norfolk has a recruitment hiring mechanism that does its best to place perspective employees in new, suitable jobs prior to their move. The community is offering FREE tuition to qualified families, due to the Virginia state tax credit program, and is giving free shul membership and other benefits as well to new residents who qualify.

    Norfolk, VA is home to the largest military installations in the world. Various businesses and industries are able to thrive near such a lucrative environment. The weather is not bad either. With average temperatures in the winter above 50 degrees, and beautiful summers, the area is the perfect place to raise a family. Being a short four hour drive from Baltimore and a six and a half hour drive to New York, the Norfolk community is positioned close enough to large communities that resources are readily available.

    Norfolk, VA has shocked the frum world in the way that it has grown and maintained its Torah institutions. Toras Chaim, the Torah day school, is led by Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman, Ph.D. His school prides itself on not only preparing the boys and girls for high levels in Torah education and secular education, but Toras Chaim prepares kids to live a life of proper middos and kindness for others. The gift of living in a smaller, yet committed community is that our children learn that each one of them can make a difference. BINA High School for girls has also made a name for itself. Under the leadership of Mrs. Aviva Harpaz, BINA’s specialized and personalized attention to each girl helps to guarantee that girls leave BINA with a tremendous love of Torah and the skills to be whatever they choose to be. Yeshivas Aish Kodesh, the boys high school, is a true Makom Torah attracting many boys from outside of Norfolk.

    Norfolk, VA is a wonderful place to raise a family. Affordable housing, great job opportunities, wonderful, Southern hospitality and the kindest and committed people around. Norfolk is a place that you should want to call home. If you are interested in moving and would like to visit for shabbos on January 25-27 please check out our website or email norfolktorahcom[email protected]