Inspirational Messages From Close To 100 Of The Jewish World’s Best Speakers

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Less than two years ago, Nachi Gordon began sending out his “Meaningful Minute” – one
minute inspirational video clips from many of today’s most popular speakers.

More than 40,000  people now enrich their lives with a daily Meaningful Minute video.  Bestselling author and journalist Rabbi Yisroel Besser joined Nachi to compile those brief video  messages into a powerful and engaging new book – Meaningful Minute — which includes  inspirational messages from close to 100 of the Jewish world’s best speakers.

ArtScroll caught up with Nachi to discuss his wildly successful innovation and the new book:

AS: So what can a person accomplish in a minute?

NG: Meaningful Minute is about allowing everyone on his or her own level to experience a relationship with Hashem that is unique to them. The inspiration to strive for that can be  unleashed in one minute, and that’s what we look to achieve daily.

AS: What were you trying to accomplish when you created Meaningful Minute?

NG: I’ve always had an interest in Jewish education. And while our yeshivahs are doing a
wonderful job teaching Torah and middos tovos and the like, it just seemed that there was little  talk about the beauty of Yiddishkeit, the unconditional love between Hashem and every Jew —  the things that are necessary to enable the Torah to engender a healthy relationship between us,  Hashem, and the world we live in.

AS: How do you choose the material for the daily videos?

NG: Based on feedback from previous videos, our staff goes through speeches online, extracting the one minute that sums up most succinctly the message that the speaker sought to deliver in the  30 to 60 minute speech that they gave. We have also been making an effort to generate material  that has been recorded exclusively for Meaningful Minute and lately we have been featuring  more of those.

AS: Can you share some of the feedback that you have received?

NG: I know it sounds unbelievable but we have received only overwhelmingly positive
feedback in the two years that we have been producing and disseminating these videos. There are  schools in Brooklyn and the Five Towns that play the Meaningful Minute video to their student  body at the start of each day. Lives have been transformed and relationships restored as a result  of these videos, and that is the most gratifying part of this holy endeavor.

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