The Rebbe pays his debt (video)

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People told me not to speak at a Lag Ba’omer parade. I asked Rav Moshe Wolfson what to do.People told me not to speak at a Lag Ba’omer parade. I asked Rav Moshe Wolfson what to do.


  1. No big news here that Rabbi Moshe Wolfson of Torah Vodaath and Emunas Yisroel told him to speak at the Lubavitcher event, as Rabbi Wolfson has done the same himself for years. He also typically celebrates his birthday and speaks at Lubavitch in Florida when he goes there during the winter season.

    Rabbi Wolfson himself went to see the last Lubavitcher Rebbe, video of which, as well as further details of the relationship of Rabbi Wolfson and Lubavitch can be found easily by searching online.

  2. a few points-
    1. is u need to remember that years ago the parade in lag baomer was looked at as a chabad intrusion in bp it got more accepted as years went by
    2. ofcourse as the previous comment rav wolfson despite his advanced age makes a big effort to go every year and the reason is that al pi kaboloh lag baomer is a big day as rav shimon is” lakol ” ukedai lismoch olov so the few minute speech at the parade is viewed as ” a potent yiras shomayim opportunity even if the kids are listening with half an ear
    3. anytime a person accepts bizyonos for a mitzvah its a zechus although you dont always see it .. and not all stories have this sweet endings

  3. The video implies that Reb Langer got a good shidduch for his daughter because he made a stop during his trip to the kevarim of his parents at the Ohel of the last Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    But how is that known? Maybe he got it in zechus of his visit to the kevarim of his parents and his davening there?