WATCH: Reuven Garber – AYEH ! ראובן גרבר – איה

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Today, on Rosh Chodesh Elul, 30 days before the holy day where we crown and celebrate our king, HaShem, with utmost honor and glory – we prepare and warm our hearts with the brand newly released hit single “Ayeh Mekom Kevodo!”

“AYEH MEKOM KEVODO!’’ – ‘’where are you Hashem!’’ Inspired by the holy words the angels sing to the one above “AYEH MEKOM KEVODO!’’ – “where is the place of His glory!”. The holy books teach that one is never ‘’too-far’’ to reach out to the One above. His love for each and every one of us is unconditional and eternal. Even in the deepest darkest of places and times, Hashem (God) is always there, yearning for each one of us to reach out to Him. Credits: Artist and Lyrics: Reuven Garber Music Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Jared Lazarus ([email protected]) Co-produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Crighton Goodwill ([email protected]) Video: The Reel Thing. Special thanks to featuring cast: Michi Carno. Gavi Berlowitz. Yoni Raichlin. Special thanks to Julio Wosnica for Spanish additions. Lyrics: Siento tanto dolor a la mañana al levanter, Que se puede hacer los problemas no se quieren desaparecer para aliviar, En el fondo se realmente que yo debo hacer, La palabra gracias y vamos a bailar, “ואני בחסדך בטחתי יגל לבי בישועתיך” (תהלים יג), Ayudame a cantarte con sinceridad de mi corazón, Ayeh, Ayeh, Mekom Kevodo, “איה מקום כבודו” (קדושת מוסף), Guíame en mi oración especial agradeciéndote profundamente con mi corazón. Translation: I feel so much pain in the morning when I get up, What’s there to do, the problems just don’t want to disappear, Deep down though I know what I’m really supposed to do, Say the word thank you and let’s get up and dance, (Tehillim 13) ‘’As for me, I trust in your kindness; my heart will rejoice in your salvation”, Help me sing to you with the sincerity of my heart “where is the place of G-d’s glory”, (Kedusha of Mussaf) “Where is the place of G-d’s glory”, Guide me in my special prayer to deeply thank you with all my heart. Contact: [email protected]