Post-Holiday, Pre-Occupancy

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Post-Holiday, Pre-Occupancy

Jerusalem Estates is wrapping up another successful holiday season as we embark on the final stages of the project. We had guests, both local and from abroad, taking advantage of their holiday in Israel, visiting our magnificent sukkah and checking out the project. Many of our visitors expressed their amazement of the prestigious architecture, and the unique finishings in the luxurious apartments and lobbies.


We are now starting work on the Amphora Gardens, a botanical jewel in the heart of the complex. The immaculate, quadrangular walkway will be made of hand-crafted tiles, adding an authentic Jerusalem touch to the pristine, halcyon atmosphere. Exotic flowers, luscious greenery, and serene ponds will create an oasis of peace and tranquility. With this, the project will reach completion both outside and within, in preparation for the occupancy stage.


Jerusalem Estates is thoroughly invested in the creation of the ideal living experience.

To this end, we signed an agreement with Batim Property Management, led by Yossi and Lea Brook, whose work includes nearly 18 years of managing luxury properties in northern Tel Aviv, as well as prestigious projects around the country. Their company’s representatives will accompany Jerusalem Estates residents as they start occupying their individual apartments.


Yossi and Lea were immediately impressed by the scope of the project. Lea, who acts as CFO of Batim Property Management, was most taken by the garden and the sprawling communal Sukkah. “It’s incredible how tenants can enjoy a special shared experience for family meals or occasions, besides for the private Sukkah in each apartment,” she says.


Apartments at Jerusalem Estates are being sold at a record pace. If you would like the rewarding experience of purchasing a piece of lasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656, or visit