Sunday: Worldwide Premiere Viewing of Young Abraham Movie – Rent for 30 Days

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Bring the events of Avraham Avinu’s early years to LIFE with this wonderful film. Using 3D computer animation and a wonderful cast of voice artists, Young Abraham creates an immersive experience for you and your family.

Join the world for a worldwide premiere of this funny, engaging film that is sourced from Midrashim and the Meam Loez. This fantastic film was never widely released, yet it deserves to stand among some of the best kosher films.

The events of Avraham Avinu’s early life are written about in the midrashim, and discussed when we are young children, but don’t get a lot of coverage beyond that.

This delightful movie, Young Abraham, brings it all to life:

From Terach, Nimrod’s general, to the question of “gods” or one true Hashem, creator of all, to the idol shop and Avraham, to Avraham learning in Yeshivas Sheim V’Eivir, to his return to the city of Ur, under Nimrod’s control, to the Kivshon Haeish and more. Let this magical film bring all of these events to life for you and your whole family.

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