Live Music Festival: Featuring Joey Newcomb and Beri Weber This Sunday!

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Mesivta Sha’arei Pruzdor invites you to celebrate the writing of our new Sefer Torah.

This Sunday December 6th check out our LIVE music festival featuring Beri Weber and Joey Newcomb. 

Mesivta Sha’arei Pruzdor fills an important niche. It is a Yeshiva that offers an environment for their Talmidim to thrive and grow at their own pace,in a warm and non-confrontational atmosphere. However, the Yeshiva has expectations of its students so that they can understand their goals and reach them in ways they never thought they could.

The staff at MSP gives their all for the boys, giving of their time in and out of school and the boys know they can always count on their Rebbeim to be available for them.  A special focus of our education is directed towards imparting confidence as an informed, connected, and proud Jew. It is our belief that all our Talmidim will excel, given the right tools, environment, and support.

At this time we are having a drive-by fundraiser and starting to write our own Sefer Torah. We are having Beri Weber, Reb Joey Newcomb, and our own MSP boys perform in a live stream this Sunday, December 6th at 1:00 pm!

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