Statement Released Regarding Friday Lag B’Omer Gathering In Lakewood



  1. The initial ban was an obvious lack of basic care for a fellow Jew, causing people bizayon, monetary loss, and creating division and sins Chino.

    Now that we know that those who came out with the ban didn’t even care enough for another Jew to do basic fact verification, and to contact the organizers, we understand this on a whole new level of SICK. Talk about the great lakewood standards and its special atmosphere. And all this during sephira and lag ba’omer.

  2. One thing left out from your comment.

    therefore we need to hate them and act like the talmeidy rabi Akiva that passed away from sinas chinom.

  3. Lemayseh, it is not an official event organized by the Chabad Lubavitch movement. It is an independent event organized by people who happen to be Chabad chassidim, but are acting on their own initiative, so they’re not using the organization’s name, which they don’t own.

    But how is that relevant? Are you restarting the evil machlokes against the Baal Shem Tov’s teachings, which have now proven their validity for over 250 years? 250 years ago there was a concern that this new group might go off the derech the same way the ShTz and Frank movements did. Time has disproved that concern. Over 100 years ago R Chaim Brisker declared that anyone who still continues that machlokes is not acting lesheim shomayim, and is nothing but a mecharcher riv. Enough already.

  4. And that’s why it was banned. Rabbi Akiva’s message obviously never got to Lakewood. Furthermore, in the light of the Meron disaster, is there anyone who feels strengthening achdus and Ahavas Yisrael is NOT a good thing? Or is it OK for some, if not many, of you to shove these mitzvos aside because, well, it’s Chabad…. they’re not like us.

  5. to Lemayseh,
    and if it is organized by Chabad, so does that disqualify it? Does that justify using lies to stop it?
    Don’t like chabad, so don’t go, but why drag the gedolim into it with lies?

  6. The par,ing lot event was to benefit “Minyan Shelanu.” This was NEVER banned. There WAS a full-blown concert planned to take place INSIDE the stadium which did not conform to Lakewood standards.