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Halachically Speaking: The 3 Weeks (Part 4)


Just as dancing is not done during the three weeks, it is customary to refrain from listening to music as well.29  This applies to tapes,30 radios,31 CDs or DVDs. Some poskim are lenient and permit even live music at a seudas mitzvah.32

One who wishes to listen to music while exercising33 or in a waiting room is permitted to do so.34 One does not have to shut off a musical ringer on his cell phone during the three weeks.35 If one is driving and is scared of falling asleep, listening to music is permitted.36 One is permitted to listen to music if he is suffering from depression and the music will lift his spirits.37

Children below the age of chinuch are permitted to listen to music. This applies to adults who are listening to the children’s music as well (i.e. while driving in the car).38 In addition, a teacher in a playgroup may play music for her students who are under the age of chinuch during the three weeks.39

There is a discussion in the poskim if playing a musical instrument for one’s livelihood is permitted during the three weeks. The consensus of the poskim is that doing so is permitted,40 although some say only until Rosh Chodesh Av.41 It is proper not to have music lessons during the three weeks.42

Compiled by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits who can be reached at [email protected]

Reviewed by Rabbi Ben-zion Schiffenbauer Shlita

All Piskei Harav Yisrael Belsky Shlita are Reviewed by Harav Yisrael Belsky Shlita

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