Halachically Speaking: Halachos For The Summer (Part 12)


Using A Water Cooler/Water Fountain On Shabbos

One may only use a water cooler on Shabbos if he is lenient in regard to opening a refrigerator on Shabbos. The same would apply to changing the water bottle on top of the water cooler on Shabbos. A water fountain may be used on Shabbos if the plug is pulled out before Shabbos has begun.

Tevillas Keilim

Below is a short list of items that one tends to use more often in the summer and how they apply to tevillas keilim.  

      Disposable Grills made form hard metal should be toveled without a beracha.

      A Can opener does not require any tevilla.

      Tongs should be toveled with a beracha.

    An Aluminum pan which is thrown out after use does not require tevilla. If one wants to use a aluminum pan more than once then one does not need to tovel it because the Yid is making the pan into a utensil. Some say one should tovel them without a beracha, but this is not the minhag.Potato Peeler- a potato peeler needs to be toveled, but without a beracha.

Compiled by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits who can be reached at[email protected]

Reviewed by Rabbi Ben-zion Schiffenbauer Shlita

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