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Bungalow colony vandals caught


The four boys live within about a mile of each other in Southwoods. Daniel Price and Dominick DePrizio, both 17, and Anthony Wingert and Raymond Surerus, both 18, rode the school bus together and were in some of the same classes. Price has been into motocross for seven years. He painted fences for a local horse farm, worked at a local greenhouse. He wants to go to college for computer technology. On Oct. 11, police showed up at his family’s door, saying they wanted to ask more questions about the other kids, who’d been busted a week earlier. As soon as Price stepped outside, police arrested him. He spent the next week in the Sullivan County Jail. His parents, Richard and Ellen Price, agonized, moving from disbelief to heartbreak. They had taught their kids not to hate…..Not far away, on Southwoods Drive, the White Rock Bungalow Colony had been vandalized. In September, swastikas and Hitler’s name had been spray-painted in the synagogue at the Orthodox Jewish colony. Spray paint obscured the faces of revered rabbis in old photographs and marred the spines of the Talmud and the Bible. In June, vandals had sprayed fire extinguishers all over the grounds. Firecrackers were flung at frightened residents. DePrizio, Wingert and Surerus were arrested in the synagogue desecration. Price was charged in the fire extinguisher mess. All four face felony charges of burglary as a hate crime. For the past few years, White Rock owner Shoshana Mermelstein has given police lists of problem kids. “We’re talking about a couple of years now with slashed tires and paint thrown into cars and firecrackers thrown through bungalow windows,” she said. The desecration was just the most recent and the worst of the harassment………..

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