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Israel gets attacked, again…

Three rockets hit Israel Wednesday morning. Two Qassams landed in Sderot, heavily damaging a residential building a few dozen meters away from Defense Minister Amir Peretz’s house. A third rocket landed in an open area. Two people were hospitalized for shock.

When will the IDF just finish off the job??!!

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  1. Of course, those schmucks at the NY Times again reminded us that the rockets are wildly inaccurate, in other words, what’s the big deal?

  2. > When will the IDF just finish off the job??!!

    Unfortunately, “finish[ing] the job”, read leveling the Gaza and snuffing any living thing larger than a mouse, will create far more problems than it solves. The hue and cry from the Zeropeans calling for economic sanctions, not to mention their effective implementation even without any official resolution, would be far too much for Israel to withstand.

    Just look at how Zeropa effectively cut off trade with Israel during the Intifada of a few years ago. Stories of yellow stickers on Israeli produce in Norway and refused shipments of industrial components to Denmark (yeah, the same Denmark who now clamors for sympathy because of those cartoons) come to mind. Now multiply that effect several times over and you know why “finish[ing] the job”, as viscerally appealing as it might be, just ain’t gonna happen.

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