What Shul is Right for You? The Staten Island Jewish Community Offers a Variety of Choices


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The Jewish community Staten Island offers a variety of different shuls for every type of community member.

As part of the community’s efforts to encourage families to move to Staten Island, the community has placed increased emphasis on the resources the community has to offer, including building a website to aggregate these resources, and organizing a shabbaton to introduce potential families to the community.

A key consideration for families is finding the right shul to belong to within the community, and the Staten Island Jewish community offers multiple choices for every type of background and Jewish outlook.

Young Israel of Staten Island

Led by moreh d’Asrah Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield and assistant Rabbi Josh Sturm, the Young Israel of Staten Island represents a vibrant and thriving Modern Orthodox community in Willowbrook.

As one of the leading mekomos torah in the community, it has many minyanim, numerous shiurim, and a youth department. It boasts over 600 members, has special programs for newly married couples, and a kollel for retirees.

Kehiles Niles Shul

Led by Rabbi Dovid Waldman, Kehilas Niles is a nusach ashkenaz litvish shul that provides a warm and inviting environment to daven in. The congregation takes pride in davening and growth in avodas hashem, with the Rabbi personally involved in the kehila in numerous and creative ways.

A daily daf yomi shiur is held at the shul every night, and a weekly kiddush takes place on shabbos following davening.

Agudas Israel of Staten Island

The Agudath Israel shul is led by Harav Moshe Meir Weiss, who received smicha from from Rav Moshe Feinstein and has been a community leader for over 30 years.

The Shul offers daily minyanim and stellar daf yomi shiur delivered by the Rav himself. It features multiple programs including shabbos and motzei shabbos programs for children aged five years and older to learn with their fathers, and a benos youth program for frum teenage girls.

Congregation Agudath Shomrei Hadas

Under the leadership of Harav Tzvi Pollack Shlita and his son, and Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Pollack, the Agudath Shomrei Hadas shul offers minyanim from early morning to late night, as well as various shiurim and a night seder program for adults and boys every evening.

The shul has been active in the community for over 40 years, and is home to the Willowbrook Community Kollel which has helped bring an influx of young families to the neighborhood.

Congregation Tov of Staten Island 
Tov of Staten Island is a  Sephardic Bet Knesset that runs under the leadership of Rabbi Eliyahu Quedoshim in accordance with Sephardic halacha and customs. The Bet Knesset strives to provide diverse programing that caters to all  and features regular classes in gemara, halacha, torah, and mussar, as well as a Sunday morning Kollel. Rabbi Quesdoshim is a vibrant leader known for his kindness and compassion and the long-lasting relationships he forms with community members.


To learn more about any of these shuls,  or to schedule a visit to the community, call 718.938.5412 or visit the Staten Island Jewish Community website.