MI K’AMCHA YISROEL! 23,000 Donated 2.2 MILLION In 4 Days To Save Life Of Child


In an unprecedented act of Chesed, more than 23,000 clicked on The Chesed Fund, and donated money to save the life of a 2 year old child.

As of 8:00AM on Monday morning they were still $1 Million short of the funds needed, but in just 4 hours, people united and donated all the money needed. On Monday at around noon time, one generous donor gave a $285,000 donation, which helped them reach their goal of $2.2. Million.

AT 12:00PM, the fund was closed, and the following statement was released from the family:

To Acheinu Bnei Yisroel,

When we began this campaign 4 days ago, we embarked upon the impossible. We desperately needed to raise 2M+ in the course of a few days to save of the life of our daughter Eliana. Very quickly, Klal Yisroel joined together and in an unprecedented display of Achdus, this lifesaving campaign gathered force. With great Siyata Dishamya and B’chasdei Hashem, we were able to reach this unprecedented goal and are now in a position to receive the miracle drug.

We want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank each and every one of you for your tefillos and generous support.

Please continue to pray for Chana bas Shani, as we still have a long way to go!

Earlier story is posted below:

AVENTURA, FL – At first glance, looks like a normal almost-two-year-old baby.

But she cannot stand or walk.

After visiting many doctors and specialists, her parents finally got the diagnoses – Eliana has a rare genetic disorder called SMA2. As it progresses, she may even lose the ability to breath and eat on her own.

But there’s a glimmer of hope – a unique medication has just been developed, a miracle drug called Zolgensma. This medication can literally regenerate the missing gene.

This medication is so rare, and so new, that it costs a whopping $2.2 million dollars for a single dose. A single, life-saving injection. Insurance is refusing to cover the costs of this drug, despite attempts by doctors and lawyers to appeal the decision.

To make matters worse, Eliana only has until this coming Friday to receive the dose. Eliana’s birthday is on Friday. She turns two. And the FDA doesn’t approve the drug for anyone over two years old.

Her fate will be sealed on her birthday.

The World Unites

A desperate crowdfunding campaign has been launched to save Eliana. Using the commission-free Chesed Fund crowdfunding platform, where every dollar goes right to the cause, Eliana’s family has managed to raise $1.5 MILLION in just three days.

Over 18,000 people have stepped up, most of whom have never heard of Eliana before. But they have united to try to save her life.

The success of this campaign is unprecedented, and yet it is so far from its goal. Eliana and her family are banking on random strangers to continue to step up and make the difference.

$18 might not be a lot for you, but it might just buy Eliana her life.

“If you save one life, it’s as if you save the entire world.”

Click here to view Eliana’s miracle campaign.


  1. Absolutely amazing! Twice this week hundreds, if not thousands of yidden stepped up to the plate, to help total strangers, who feel like their brothers, and B”H got the jobs done. Mi keamcha Yisroel indeed!!!

  2. May this be a zechus for the young girl and for all of Klal Yisroel! Unreal. I get so emotional when I see how much we Yidden care for one another! Ahavas Chinam. Perfect always but especially at this time of year. Kol hakavod.

  3. Refua Shelema to Eliana. Yishar Kochachem to all the wonderful donors. However, tov shebarofim legehinom. How can they ever justify the astronomical fortunes they make based on the facts that people so desperately need the medications and treatments. So let them drive cars that are not top of the range or wear good watches but not the top designer types. They will still have a very comfortable life. But squeezing fortunes out of people to achieve their lifestyles? Something is greatly out of place.

  4. I really do hope the funds are received for Eliana to receive Zolgensma. However, I do not feel like the message being shared with thousands is an appropriate message. The message that is being shared is that people with SMA type 2 lead lives that are meaningless and just not worth living. This is far from the truth. I myself know a number of different people who lead happy and successful lives. I feel that a more positive message about disability should have been shared and that the feelings of those with SMA should have been taken into account.

  5. Awareness123, interesting perspective. I respectfully disagree with you, as I didn’t get that feeling at all from the campaign. There are many campaigns which aren’t fully transparent where the monies will go and/or the background behind the reason (such as did the recipient or the family have medical, dental, auto or life insurances (basic Histadlus), was legal advice sought and utilized, is it a $200,000 wedding for an orphan, etc….). This particular campaign to save a precious little girl appears to be (the far too unfortunate result) of continuous health insurance denials and rejections. I commend the family for responsibly having medical coverage and commend them for attempting all appeals and legal options available to them. I agree with you, this young girl should lead a happy and healthy life through 120 years.

  6. TGIShabbos, I agree with you 100% that this is a very legitimate and worthy cause. However, the point that I am trying to make is not that this cause is not worthy and should not have received funds. My point is rather on how SMA was talked about in the video. SMA was put in a very negative light, and that I don’t feel was appropriate and respectful to those with SMA. People with SMA can live a long life, go to regular schools and get married unlike this video was describing.

  7. This is truly beautiful, but remember too that secular people also donated to this campaign. The request was widely circulated among any number of non Jewish groups online.

  8. Awareness123, did you watch the entire video? The mother stated clearly that without this treatment the child will need a different treatment requiring many injections ongoing, and she stated that no child should have to go through that. She is clearly trying to (A) minimize her child’s pain, and (B) maximize her child’s ability to have more choices in life. That said, what person with a disability would not wish for an easier or less painful life? Who would want anything less for their own child – or any child?

  9. Awareness123, to be fair and honest with you, I haven’t had a chance to watch to video yet. It’s unfortunate that so many in the frum world really do look down upon SMA (and various other handicaps and illnesses), so much to the point that a shadchan may pass a boy/girl because a sibling, parent, or cousin has the illness.; I can now see you are bringing up a valid point. The good thing right now is that BH the funds were raised and the treatment was ordered, God Willing it works to it’s fullest potential.

  10. comments, my main point is to share the message to those with SMA who are unable to receive this drug because they are too old that there is still hope for them and they can lead normal happy lives.

  11. Awareness 123 and TGIShabbos, think about this. If you would give any person who has a disability a button that could take away their disability, they would press it. This mother is pressing that button for her daughter, and she is doing the right thing.

    It is not about stigmatizing the person who has a disability, which obviously should never happen, but about maximizing every person’s lifespan, maximizing their quality of life, and minimizing their pain and suffering.

  12. I’m happy they reached their goal, but seriously. Big whoop. Non-Jews donate these amounts every other day to all kinds of campaigns. This isn’t exactly ground breaking.

  13. mseren, please give examples of any time it ever happened that over $2 million dollars was ever raised to directly benefit a sick individual, not an institution or organization. This is a level of caring that is unique and special. Mi k’amcha Yisral!