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New Egged busses to be Environmentally Friendly

eggwdbus.jpgEgged, the second-largest bus operator in the world, announced last week that it had bought 170 buses that meet EU exhaust emissions standard 3 for some $50m (NIS 200 million)
Egged, which operates over 4,000 buses on thousands of scheduled routes as well as special trips and carries around one million passengers every day, said that the environmentally friendly buses will enter service in a few months.
A spokesman for the society noted that the new buses are low, making them easier for the elderly, handicapped and mothers with strollers.
100 new buses will operate on the Haifa-Jerusalem, Beer Sheva-Jerusalem, and Haifa-Tiberias routes.
Some 70 buses, including 40 articulated buses, will operate on urban routes.
The spokesman added that the EU exhaust emissions standard 3 is considered in the world of urban transport to be the most advanced air pollution standard.

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