Is a letter enough?


It is being reported (JTA) that Agudath Israel of America has appealed to Israel’s leadership to stop the upcoming pride parade. Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, Agudah’s executive vice president, wrote to Israeli Prime Minister, asking him to “do everything in your power to see to it that this tragic sign of the decadence of our times not sully the holiness that is Yerushalayim.”


  1. it is not enough to write a letter to anyone….we must protest in front of the Isareli Embassy, that is what Agudah should be doing! not violent or anything, just tehillim or whatever the Gedolim Shlit”a decide

  2. RE: THERE WAS A SIMILAR march in Vatican and despite a strong opposition it passed without incident! Leave those misguided people alone!Do not give a victory to their cause by acting violently!