R’ Mattisyahu Solomon visits the O.U.


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mattisyahusolomon.jpgR’ Mattisyahu Solomon Shlita spoke this afternoon at the O.U. He spoke about the importance of accountability and ne’emanis in the Kashruth industry, and stated the importance of Mashgichim having Yiras Shomayim.


  1. How can one test for Yiras Shomayim? Whoever comes up with such a test would certainly qualify for a Nobel Prize. Would anybody have believed what was transpiring behind the scenes in Monsey? Now video cameras, maybe thats a possibility, or a system where the meat has to be packed for sale at the place of Shechita w/o exceptions, and the wrap used should be tamper-proof.

  2. It’s important to note that the OU’s strict policy does not allow any place under it’s hashgacha to “repack” meat products. If “the store” in Monsey would be under OU hasgacha, maybe many Monsey residence wouldn’t buy there, but the meat would be Kosher. ironic.