Follow The Best Traders And Copy Their Success



Trade24 Social Trading.

Social trading has become one of the most popular trading forms during the later years. By trading together with others novices as well as professionals have found another dimension in their trading. With social trading, forex has taken a quantum leap in its popularity, and become an activity that everyone can part take in.

What is social trading?

By trading socially, new or amateur traders can follow trades of the more advanced and senior traders and that way increase their knowledge. They can follow the worlds’ best traders, and even copy their trades one-by-one and that way get a stable foundation to start their own trading strategies and philosophy. An example of a forex company that has followed social trading to the next level is Trade24. They have developed their own trading tool called Webtrader24.

This application is completely web-based, which means that there’s no download, and no installation on the computer.The tool allows a trader freedom to operate from anywhere in the world, as long as he or she have a stable internet connection. The social trading platform Webtrader24 is very user friendly as it has an adapted user-interface, and live trading tools. With these tools you can see price charts (that even shows it within varying timeframes), market quotations that gets updated regularly. In addition it also has strategy development and operation management functions. To add to it, the platform can automatically sync with social networks so that successful trades can be shared instantly.

Making deposits in this tool is easy with the “direct deposit button” and the platform has multilingual support. Trade24 has a special connection with the religious Jewish community and makes sure to follow all the rules according to the Halacha of which one can invest and lend money.

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