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Tonight on Fox News 9:45 EST, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss was being interviewed live on the  Hannity & Colmes program.  Hannity is on vacation, but Alan Colmes and a guest were trying to interrogate him and of course condemn his visit to Iran. 

The two questioned him over and over again, does he endorse Iran’s position on “wiping Israel off the planet”…Weiss just blabbered over and over and over again speaking fast and trying to quote Zionist people, refer to books that support his ridicules position, and basically couldn’t deny and say anything intelligent.
The problem of course, that the general American public is going to have a difficult time differentiating between NK and the rest of the normal Chasideshe world, and that is quite scary.  This was not a good program as a reflection on the true and good Chassidim.
What to do?  Contact www.foxnews.com and send letters to the Hannity & Colmes program and news desks condemning their putting on this evil person, and telling them what might happen to the good and righteous.

The Jewish world must come out and publicly decry this evil sect and get the word out with intelligent, articulate Chassidim that can fight this evil …….
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Just a few of the many email addresses you could use to get the point out!


  1. I wouldn’t waste time sending them any e-mails. It will be lost in the tens of thousands of messages. And they wouldn’t be interested. It doesn’t make as good a story as the so-called N.K.

  2. Fox didnt do anything wrong. These people are not Rabbis. The title “Rabbi” shouldnt be posted anywhere next to these peoples names even with a line going through it. They are animals, apikorsim,they cause their own people to die by their association with animals like almidinejad

  3. Rabbosai – you are making a grave mistake by not sending emails – they 100% percent make a difference. If you have ever heard of the organization HONEST REPORTING contact them and they will tell you the many times writers, reporters etc from the likes of the NY Times, BBc, CNN etc. were dismissed from their jobs for bias against Israel or for dishonest reporting. We need to stand up for ourselves for all Heimisha and for Klal Yisroel and make sure the general population of the world knows that we do not agree with nor do we want to have any association with these NK Meshugoyim.

    No office, employee or any company for that matter can handle a flood of 100,000+ emails / calls (which they get when HONEST REPORTING asks their members to respond) and no news agency wants to deal with such a reaction. This is why many times the Aguda asks you to make a call to the white house. These things are underestimated yet quite important. We may not produce 100,000 but whatever numbers we are we will make a difference.

    Please follow the suggestion of this post and send your comments in. They do not need to be nasty or threatening – just do it so your or shall I say all of our voices are heard.

  4. i agrea with you all
    perhaps the only way to bring across our view is to recomend to Fox news to interview someon from “our side” who can iether tell our story or debate that creeo live on thier show.

    that would catch the attention of fox news

  5. A Chilul HaShem is caused by media which interview those who were placed in Cherem/excommunication (dressed in Charedi clothing) or display photographs of them shaking hands with or otherwise participating in meetings with the Iranian Amalek, Ymoch Shmo. The misleading impression these media outlets intend to create is that Torah Jews sympathize — Rachmanah Litzlan — with Sonei Yisrael.
    Accordingly, I respectfully request that the Rabbanim SHLIT”A warn the offending media to cease and desist from such activity; otherwise, they and their newspapers, Web sites, and TV stations should also be placed in Cherem/excommunication.

  6. “Accordingly, I respectfully request that the Rabbanim SHLIT”A warn the offending media to cease and desist from such activity”

    Right? That will happen, I’m sure the media will stop after the first request.

  7. Avraham, let’s not lose it here. You are rightfully upset, and send emails, but I’d leave out any warning about “excommunication”. They should interview someone who disavows whatever they did.

  8. This issue would not have come about if the “Charedishe oilam” would have taken care of the “problem” right away. Now it’s a little to late to put out such fires. Especially since the media has embraced them as their poster child.

  9. Avraham-
    Which media are you referring to when you write “Accordingly, I respectfully request that the Rabbanim SHLIT”A warn the offending media to cease and desist from such activity; otherwise, they and their newspapers, Web sites, and TV stations should also be placed in Cherem/excommunication.”?
    Imagine Fox News’ reaction when they get a letter from a Rabbi warning them to cease and desist otherwise they will be put in Cherem…I find that a little humorous….

  10. When Weiss tried to blame Zionists for Hitler’s genocide of European Jewry, Rich Lowry (sitting in for Hannity) and Colmes cut him off and essentially said he lacked credibility. They both asked him if he was blaming Jews for being murdered. He cited some books on Zionism. Neturei Karta’s position on Israel is horrible and its embrace of Jew haters is shameful. Sadly, take away the embrace of Jew haters, there are many in the Hasidic world who oppose a state of Israel. They condemned Karta for embracing the Iranian nutcase and attending a Holocaust denial meeting in Tehran, but they are fellow anti-Israel travelers, in some respects. Israel chai




    Aharon Cohen, a member of ‘Neturei Karta’ who was seen shaking hands with Iranian President at a Holocaust Denial convention, was thoroughly criticized by many Jewish groups.
    When he returned from the scandalous event in Tehran, he found signs up all around town demanding that no one is to deal with him. Among the shuls listed on the signs were Chabad shuls. Cohen, who attempted to enter one of them was directly chased out of the shul.

  12. Can somebody please explain what they gain from touting this message, other than hatred and negative notoriety? Are they getting money from Arabic groups?

  13. re:”they are on the P.A. salary and only doing their jobs with a great passion and on their way to receive a holiday bonus ====for a job well done!”
    Why in the world can’t this be proven and exposed? If big money changes hands, there has got to be a way to prove it.