El Al stopping flights to Turkey & Cyprus


elal3.jpgEl Al is stopping flights to Turkey and Cyprus from Thursday 1 March because of low demand and high security costs. The Israeli airline says that the cost of security for flying to Istanbul and Larnaca is particularly heavy.

Turkish Airlines still runs direct flights between Istanbul and Tel Aviv while Cyprus Airways flies directly between Larnaca and Tel Aviv.

In the past year, El Al has introduced additional flights to Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami and a new non-stop service to Los Angeles.


  1. Not certain why you ignored this in the original article, but they also dropped Chicago today. Manchester is already gone. They will, however, expand JFK service.

    El Al continues to shrink as a private company; it simply cannot compete as an independent profitable enterprise with its fleet grounded 28% of the time, and is out of cash. The new strategy is very limited destinations with hopefully more frequent service.

  2. I wonder if Derech Ha’teva, some of their problems relate to their “Israeli Mentality” of “The Provider is Always Right” instead of the customer?

  3. gush dan:

    i live in chicago
    i try (except when i was given the privilege to lose $975 in the recent boycott ) to fly only elal

    can you provide a link to this info.