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Lakewood: R’ Avrohom Gurwicz visits BMG

33.jpgRav Avrohom Gurwicz Shlita , R”Y of Gateshead speaking to talmidim as he is escorted out of Beth Medrash Govoha, after delivering a shiur there yesterday. He is visiting the USA for a family Simcha. (More pics by Photography Plaza in YW Photo Album)

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  1. Chasuna of a nephew, Karp from Scranton. Rebbetzin Gurwicz and Rebbetzin Karp are daughters of R’ Leib Lopian, zl, former RY in Gateshead. Kalla is a granddaughter of R’ Meir Hershkowitz of Stamford, daughter of his son-in-law, Jacobs that was nifter a couple of years ago.
    Chasuna is tonight in Lakewood.

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