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Chanukah Invite Campaign – WIN 2 Free Tickets to Israel

Do you have a daughter in seminary or a son in yeshiva in Israel that you’ve been meaning to visit? Are you tired of searching Dans Deals for a cheap ticket that brings you through Ukraine AND Jordan? Your problems are solved with Project Inspire!

This Chanukah, reach out and invite a less-affiliated family member, neighbor, or friend to your home and show them the beauty of Chanukah. Scared that you don’t know what to say? We have you covered! Download our how-to-guides for Chanukah, complete with transliterated and translated brachos for your unaffiliated guest.

Afterwards, send us your story, and be entered into a raffle to WIN two free tickets to Israel. And don’t forget to buy an Easy Outreach Gift – send it out yourself or we’ll deliver it for you! CLICK HERE to enter the raffle, download a how-to-guide, or order your easy outreach gift. For more information, email us at [email protected] or call (646)-291-6191.


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