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Elie Wiesel gets attacked by Holocaust denier

eli wiesel.jpgIn a brazen online posting, a Holocaust denier detailed how he attacked Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel in his hotel last week.

Wiesel’s attacker approached him on the elevator, saying he wanted to interview him, police told the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. The attacker then pulled Wiesel out of the elevator.

Police said the attacker, identified as Eric Hunt, fled the scene when Wiesel started yelling.

Wiesel, the author of numerous books on his Holocaust experiences, including his concentration camp memoir “Night,” which won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

Someone calling them-self Eric Hunt posted a long description on the anti-Zionist Internet site, taking credit for the attack.

“After ensuring no women would be traumatized by what I had to do (I had been trailing Wiesel for weeks), I stopped the elevator at the sixth floor. I pulled Wiesel out of the elevator. I said I wanted to interview him,” the posting read.

Wiesel grabbed at his chest and called for help, Hunt wrote.

“I told him, ‘Why don’t you want people to know the truth?’ His expression changed, and he began screaming again. …” the posting reads.

The online posting states that the writer intended to “bring Wiesel to my hotel room where he would truthfully answer my questions regarding the fact that his non-fiction Holocaust memoir, Night, is almost entirely fictitious.” Later in the posting, the Holocaust is portrayed as a “myth.”

(Fox News)

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  1. How can you confuse two comepletely different people like Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal??? And why would you even ask such a question if you just heard he was dragged into an elevator by a holocaust denying nut?

  2. Der Yid – You are some nasty fellow! What’s so hard to understand that a person can get confused? Both last names are similar (the first 5 letters are the same). There’s no point in talking like that to someone. Next time, take a deep breath and count to 10.

  3. Rabboisay, what’s going on in here? An elderly yid is attacked by an anti-semit holocaust denying shaygetz and all you can do is argue about narishkeit??!

  4. I hope for what susshow hopes for. additionaly, I hope this hunt thug meets with a brutal end! BRUTAL/NASTY/BLOODY… – not only b/c of what he did to an elderly Yid and Survivor – but also b/c of what he represents

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