Founder of the World Famous International Kosher Food Show, Menachem Lubinsky Joins Majestic Retreats/ Rosen Plaza in Orlando


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When it comes to Kosher food and the kosher food industry, it is difficult to find anyone with Menachem Lubinsky’s credentials, knowledge and experience. Menachem Lubinsky, President & CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting, is a seasoned marketing executive whose successes have spanned many industries over 30 years. Mr. Lubinsky is the recognized authority on the kosher food market. In addition to the International Kosher Food Show (Kosherfest), the world’s largest kosher food show, he is the founding publisher of Kosher Today, the leading trade publication on kosher for the food industry.

Avi Faskowitz of Majestic Retreats stated “Mr. Lubinsky is clearly a recognized expert in the kosher food world, with knowledge and access to any Pesach program on earth; We are proud that he is joining us again for a second year at my Majestic Retreats/ Rosen Plaza Pesach program in Orlando”.

In 2016, Majestic Retreats, the Pesach program owned and operated by brothers Avi & Shnuer Faskowitz, teamed up with Harris Rosen, the owner of multiple Orlando hotels and resorts with over 6,000 rooms, to offer a Pesach program at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. This prime property which boasts a recent three million dollar kosher kitchen renovation, is a standout among Orlando’s convention/vacation resorts. With a reputation for a high standard of excellence, an impressive meeting space, impeccable in-house staff and grand accommodations, the Rosen Plaza offers a premier Pesach experience.

Guests at the Majestic Retreats/Rosen Plaza Pesach enjoy BBQs at the pool, outstanding Pesach cuisine prepared by professional chefs, an amazing tea room, mouthwatering kiddushim, a pack-your-own-lunch store for Chol Hamoed excursions, private and communal seders and Ashkenaz and Sephard Minyanim. Daily and nightly entertainment, tennis, basketball, pool tables, a fitness center, movies, bingo with prizes, a professional fun-filled children’s camp, babysitting, play group, daily adult and children activities and programs, dafyomi shiurim, famous entertainers, inspiring scholars and lecturers. At our sister property, Rosen Shingle Creek, we also offer a full service spa plus 18-hole championship golf course, all in close proximity to fabulous sightseeing and Orlando theme parks.

For the second year in the row, the Majestic Retreats/Rosen Pesach program will be hosted by Elie Y. Katz. With over 20 years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, Katz once again brings his top notch service-oriented experience to guests of this premier Pesach program. Mr. Katz is currently an owner/investor of three restaurants located in the New York/New Jersey area and has been a proprietor of a catering business and ten different styles of food establishments. Katz served as the host for the 2016 inaugural Majestic Orlando Passover program and over the last 25 years has worked in various capacities at several Pesach and Sukkos programs.

“Due to last year’s remarkably successful program and the unique relationship we have with the Rosen Family, we are able to offer an amazing program at attractive and affordable rates. The phones have been ringing off the hook!” said Shnuer Faskowitz, owner of Majestic Retreats. Strictest level of Kashrus by ORB, Visit their website at and or call (718) 969-9100 and lock in a great program for you and your family.