Transform Your Candle Lighting. And Your Children’s Future



You do it every week. You strike a match, light the wick, and magic happens.

A minute ago, you were running to put the farfel on the hotplate, hastily placed the rewarmed challos on the table, and rushed to wipe away one last stain off the floor. It’s only a minute later, but now a hushed peace reigns, as if your home has been nothing but tranquil for hours.

Those flames don’t just spread holiness in our homes; they literally determine our children’s future. The key to our children’s Torah and yiras shomayim lies in our hands as they shield our eyes in front of the Shabbos candles.

Our grandmothers grasped just how precious tefillos at this auspicious time are, and turned to the timeless power of tzedaka to unlock the gates in shomayim, so that their tefillos could storm the heavens.

Project Ignite was created with you in mind. The revolutionary program gives you the ability to unlock the heavenly gates with tzedaka for Reb Meir Baal Haness at the auspicious time of licht bentschen, without wasting a second.

As you welcome the peace of Shabbos each week, the power of your tzedaka for a needy family in Eretz Yisroel will unlock the heavenly gates for your heartfelt tefillos.

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