Lakewood – News Tidbits 3/2/06


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New Police Training:


Verbal judo is not a martial art, but it is a form of self-defense that will throw an opponent for a loop. “It cost us $2,000 for verbal judo….“Every call [a Lakewood police officer] goes on is potential litigation. Anybody can sue you anytime for what you did. The real value of this program can’t be [calculated against that possibility].” Last year, Officer Erik Menck found that possibility all too real. In June, Menck stopped an 18-year-old woman after he saw her tailgating another vehicle. He told her he would give her only a warning when her uncle, a prominent Orthodox Jewish rabbi, intervened in the traffic stop. The incident escalated into a physical altercation that resulted in the rabbi’s arrest. After the rabbi was brought to police headquarters for processing, angry Orthodox Jewish residents congregated at police headquarters to protest the arrest. In response to the protests, non-Orthodox Jewish residents told the Township Committee they did not believe Orthodox Jewish residents respected the authority of the Lakewood police. In December, the rabbi entered a plea of guilty to a charge of obstruction of the administration of law….A retired detective with more than 25 years experience in law enforcement, Shanahan is now an adjunct professor. He holds a black belt in karate and is a trained actor. Shanahan and actress Rebecca Torosian gave reporters and visiting dignitaries a demonstration of verbal judo at the Office of Emergency Management….

Mary Lane UPDATE: (Click HERE to see Yeshivaworld’s Original post.)


Mary’s Lane will not be shut down, thanks to an agreement reached this week.The roadway — which runs alongside the railroad tracks from Fourth to Seventh streets — is owned by NJ Transit…the intersection will be redesigned.Lakewood will pay to install protective ballasts near the rail line to prevent drivers from taking the turn too tight. Reflective striping will also be added to the intersection. Lastly, parking will be banned on Mary’s Lane, which also should discourage some of its use, Committeeman Robert W. Singer said….