Video Of Interest: Israeli Flag Burned In Williamsburg On Purim 5774



  1. No hiddush. The Jewish part of Williamsburg is dominated by Satmar which is closely connected to the anti-zionist hareidim in Israel (the one’s who never accepted zionist subsidies, and are opposed to the Medinah itself, so Kal v’homer to the IDF). Satmar is consistently anti-zionist and therefore anti-war (at least, opposed to the Israeli war against the goyim) – nothing has changed of late.

    When the burn Israeli flags in Boro Park or Lakewood or Baltimore — that would be news.

  2. To akuperman
    In this day and age when the vilifying of Israel leads to pressure which leads to concessions which leads to loss of jewish life and limb, chas veshalom-those Jews who join in the vilification show that they don’t care about there fellow Jews and may even be guilty of lending a hand to the shedding of jewish blood

  3. This is a continuation of the protested 2 weeks ago in downtown Manhattan against Israel. It is the same group. since satmar was not there at the protest so it wasn’t them. The protest 2 weeks ago in downtown Manhattan against Israel was organized by the agudah, it was them again.
    I have proof, why wasn’t by the protest 2 weeks ago even one Israeli flag? because they burned it.
    Just like 2 weeks ago by the protest people came from all over like Lakewood boro park etc. the same happened now.

  4. Yo’ farrockgrandma #8: These guys don’t live in no “Jewish State”. Last I checked the United States is non-denominational. (And Israel ain’t Jewish either.)

  5. maybe there should be a SHTREIMEL burning in TEL AVIV!!!!!
    what a shanda – for JEWS against JEWS !!! this is not a purim joke !!!!!! does it smell any better than the burning bodies of NAZI GERMANY????????? this is what we are proud of??????

  6. Last year it was Arab rashaim in Egypt who were burning an Israeli flag; this year it is people claiming to be Jews. Disgusting.

  7. Not surprising but still shocking. Can someone explain the correlation between Purim and this chilul Hashem??? What a joke these ppl are!!!

  8. What was the need to publish this Video? To bring more hatred between the Yiden?
    Also, all those protests in USA, Jews protesting against Jews. Preety sure made the Goyim who watched all of this very happy. One think to protest in Israel if you think that the Bocherem should not be drafted, but to protest in USA, to make all the goym happy that the Jews are fighting with each other?

  9. Why is there such an interest in such a trivial news story, while there is a Jew missing in monsey and nobody seems to be commenting about such a tragedy. Where do our priorities lie??

  10. Having just celebrated Purim i am sickened and nauseated. Baruch Hashem in our lifetime Hashem hasgiven our Eretz Yisroel back to us. Hshem is crying seeing the burning of our flag with the magen David. Shame shame. Robert Rogoff Passaic New Jersey

  11. what a sad day that burning an Israeli flag by a bunch of lowlifes is a video of interest. Unfortunately, nobody stopped it but that’s what the Jewish religon has come to. Pathetic that you showed it. You encourage these acts and should be ashamed. What is the next video? can’t wait.

  12. Nobody should pay attention to such people,whether they think what they are doing is right or not its still terrible.They have no yiras shamayim or torah in them!

  13. How are they any different from the nazi groups and the arabs that burn the Jewish flag? It’s a terrible chillul Hashem! We might have our differences, but we don’t have to air all our dirty laundry in public! Just for the record, the gathering in Lower Manhattan last week was for tefila; not to protest the Israeli government.

  14. This kinda reminds me of how in France they used to burn the Rambam’s saforim… That lead to the burning of 24 wagon loads of Shas.

    I don’t think we want anything like that again.
    Just lets all be thankful that God is giving us the opportunity to live in Israel.
    Even if we don’t agree with all the politicians that run Israel. We still can do mitzvot in Eretz Yisroel. I think thats what matters the most.

  15. Lrr18,

    Lets put it this way….. WHO CARES!! This is all about nothing. The Satmar Rov ztl was VERY against such behavior yet you and others want to throw them all into one.

    And btw Hashem hasn’t given it back to us. He may be allowing us to live there more than in the past 1900 years but if you think “israel” is what He intended, you are sadly mistaken. I would be happy when we have a true ERETZ YISROEL, where people, ALL people, follow halocha. This country where the faygalach have become rampant, out in the open, is NOT what He wants. THERE SHOULD BE NO ABORTIONS IN ERETZ YISROEL! 11% is eleven percent too high!

    We have a torah and the torah says that we will be spit out of EY if we dont follow the mitzvos.

  16. BTW. There is more Torah learning today in Eretz Yisroel than since the Second Commmonwealth.more Yidden today in Israel than anyplace in the world. 7000 Steiging in the Mir including Baruch Hashem my son. And beimg protected with aJewish Army. You should be celebrating, not burning Robert Rogoff

  17. Lrr18 aka robert rogoff?

    Why not be proud of your son and what he has accomplished? Sounds to us like you have a problem with those learning. Whats better a kid learning and accomplishing in torah and mitzvos, or one ch’v off the derech just hanging on by a thread?

    BTW your son is probably an american as would be my mishpocha in the mir and therefore not directly subjected to the anti torah umitzvos laws of this knesset.

    BE PROUD OF YOUR SON. Hope he is in Torah for a lonnnnnnng time.