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WATCH: Hungry Black Bear Visits Bungalow Colony In Monticello In Broad Daylight

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  1. From nyt 2002: A young black bear killed a 5-month-old girl outside her family’s summer bungalow in a Catskill resort yesterday afternoon, snatching the sleeping baby from her stroller while the mother took her two other children to safety.

    The bear ran into the woods of Fallsburg, N.Y., with the girl, but dropped her moments later as horrified members of an Orthodox Jewish vacation colony screamed and chased after it.

    The baby, Esther Schwimmer, was taken by ambulance to Ellenville Regional Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival around 3 p.m., hospital officials said.

    The bear, a 150-pound male, was killed by a Fallsburg police officer, David Decker, who followed him into the woods and shot him once with a .40-caliber pistol as the bear tried to climb a tree. The bear’s body was taken to a state laboratory in Delmar, N.Y., to be tested for rabies and other diseases.

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