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LISTEN: Chasidic Caller On Michael Savage Radio Show Makes Kiddush Hashem By Explaining Questions

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  1. Brilliant a true kidush Hashem the caller was great I wish he would have stressed that this his not his personal opinion rather it is one of the only explanation explanation to the beracha. I wonder what he will do with the book

  2. I tried to call in – but the lines were busy.
    He should have said – that Judaism has the highest respect for women. The only reason men recite this Beracha is because if we were created women we would not have all the Mitzvot that men have.
    Women are absolved from so many commandments because they are so dedicated to their husbands – children & community.
    We also say this blessing because we realize we could never tolerate all that women do every day.

  3. 1. the other explanation is . women are not mechiav in all mitzvos eg mitzvos esay shehazman geromo (time binding) ..See S’U 48

  4. He really made a great impression and thousands were listening. YWN posts some very interesting things.

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